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How to Remove GelMoment Gel Polish

You’ve been sporting that Beauty Queen GelMoment manicure for 2 weeks now, and you’re ready for something fresh and new! So how do you get this stuff off? Grab your box of GelMoment remover pads, and follow along below to learn how to remove GelMoment gel polish!

How to Remove GelMoment Gel Polish

  1. Tear across the dotted line on the GelMoment remover pad. Insert your finger into the pouch, underneath the moistened pad.
  2. Remove the pink plastic strip covering the adhesive on the outside of the pouch. Tightly wrap the remover pad around your nail, using the adhesive strip to hold it on good and tight. I also fold the end over the tips of my fingers for a nice tight seal!
  3. Leave the remover pads on for between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on your nail type.  My recommendation is to check the polish after 5 minutes to see if it’s ready to push off. If you soak too long, the polish begins to harden again as the remover blend evaporates, making removal more difficult.
  4. Using the GelMoment cuticle pusher, gently push the gel polish off the nail plate. If any spots are stubborn, simply reapply the GelMoment remover pad for another minute or so. (Pro tip: remove just one finger at a time. Don’t take off all of the remover pads at once. Remove as you work on each nail.)
  5. Ta-da! You’re all set to begin application of your next favorite GelMoment gel polish color!

See removal in action here:

Isn’t it amazing how easily the GelMoment gel polish comes off?  I love that it’s non-damaging!

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