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GelMoment Business Opportunity

GelMoment Compensation Plan

Naturally, when researching any new direct sales company to join, you want to know what the Compensation Plan is like, right? So let’s discuss.

What is the GelMoment Compensation Plan like?

I’ll break this down into how you can make money by sharing GelMoment. There are several ways to earn money with GelMoment.

First, you can earn money on your own retail sales.

You have the ability to earn up to 50% commission on your own retail sales, depending on your rank with the company. The higher your rank, the higher your commission rate.

As you begin your GelMoment journey, you will start at rank GelGo. This entitles you to earn 15% commission on all Personal Retail Volume. Once you reach $500 in lifetime PRV (Personal Retail Volume), your rank goes up to Fashionista, and your commission rate increases to 25%! If you meet the Fashionista rank within your first 90 days, and both you and your sponsor earn a $50 CASH BONUS!

All commissions are paid within one hour of sale through eWallet. These funds can then be transferred to a bank account, or a sleek little prepaid Debit Card.

Once you reach Fashionista, you’ll start each new month at that rank. From there, your earning potential will be based on your sales and your team sales. Building a team will help you increase your rank, and earn that residual income! Speaking of residual income…

The second way to make money is to earn commission on your team’s sales.

Let’s take a look at the Gossip Girl rank for the explanation of how to earn residual income on your team sales.

To achieve the rank of Gossip Girl, you need to have already met the Fashionista rank. Then, for that month, you would need to have $250 in PRV (your own sales/purchases) and your team as a whole (you and your down line) would need to have a team total of $450 Wholesale Sales. This would entitle you to earn 3% commission on your down line sales!

If you follow the charts below, you’ll see that your earning potential only grows as your team grows! And the Personal Retail Sales volumes are manageable as you grow through the ranks, so that you can dedicate time to mentoring and leading your growing team in addition to balancing your own business.


Monthly Rank Requirements
gelmoment compensation, join gelmoment
Wholesale amounts are calculated at 70% of the Personal Retail Volume of all commissions sales.
*Lifetime: To reach the level of Fashionista, a Distributor must have reached $500 in Personal Retail Sales
**To avoid becoming inactive, each Distributor must have at least $200 in Personal Retail Sales within the past three months.

Earnings Breakdown
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The last way to earn money with GelMoment is through incentives and bonuses.

As you grow with your GelMoment business, you have the ability to earn cash bonuses. As stated above, for helping your first level recruits reach the Fashionista rank in their first 90 days, you earn a $50 cash bonus, and so do they!

The next cash bonus you can earn is the GelMoment Trip Incentive. When you reach the rank of Perfectionist, when you maintain that rank for 3 months in a row, you will earn a cash bonus of $2500 to use towards your dream vacation!

Lastly, there’s the Car Incentive Bonus. The GelMoment 10-10-10 Car Incentive Bonus is designed to give you the freedom to choose the car, truck, sport utility vehicle, boat or even motorcycle that you have always wanted! Read more about the requirements for the Car Incentive here.

So that’s the long and short of it! It’s not super complicated like some Compensation plans are. It’s simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. And if you have more detailed questions, I am happy to answer them. Just contact me!


compensatio plan, gelmoment compensation plan, gelmoment


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