Curious about what it takes to Join GelMoment as a Distributor? Look no further! Let’s discuss how to join GelMoment, and what that means for you in your new business venture!

What are the benefits of Joining GelMoment as a Distributor? 

GelMoment offers Flexibility.

  • Work 100% from home or on the road
  • Be your own boss
  • Set and Manage your own schedule

GelMoment offers Recognition.

  • Be recognized by home office for achievements (and if you join me, by myself personally and our whole GELicious team!)
  • Enjoy extra perks and bonuses based on performance (conditions apply).
  • Earn Charms to collect for each accomplishment/rank advancement!

GelMoment offers Support.

  • Access to a robust training manual and online training group.
  • My personal team offers additional training and support, as well as an ongoing learning environment in our team page.
  • A responsive home office team that takes distributor feedback seriously, and implements changes for the better.

GelMoment makes it EASY.

  • No Auto-ship requirements.
  • Get paid within One hour!
  • Sell in THREE countries! Canada, USA, and Australia!
  • Affordable enrollment package

Our Company is guided by three pillars:

1. PEOPLE: we aim to inspire our Distributors to attain increased financial achievements, success, and personal freedom. We believe that each of our Distributors will create positive energy, enabling them to extend these same values and benefits to those around them.

2. PRODUCT: we are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and service possible, leaving minimal impact on the environment. We strive to create a better product and a better world with a positive culture that lends itself to our Distributors’ success. GelMoment is proud to be amongst the first nail polish companies to use renewable oil energy in its products.

3. COMMUNITY: we devote ourselves to building GelMoment into a community of entrepreneurs. We share strategies, resource materials, and support. We encourage our Distributors to achieve their financial goals, and together attain a better quality of life for ourselves and our families; essentially the GelMoment family.

GelMoment has a simple and easy to understand Compensation plan. 

Read about the GelMoment Compensation Plan here. 

Ready to Get Started with your GelMoment Business?

Join Naomi’s Team!

Click here to view what’s in the GelMoment Enrollment Kit!

Once you have completed the registration process, you will be ready to hit the ground running! You will have access to your own personal website, complete with an e-commerce web store. You can start selling products right away!

While you wait for your Enrollment Package to be delivered, you can read through the GelMoment Training Manual, Policies & Procedures, get familiar with the Corporate Facebook Groups, and be welcomed into our Team Page! Between all of these resources, you’ll learn valuable selling techniques, booking tips, recruiting tips, photography techniques, and so much more!

I’d be honored to have you as a part of my team if GelMoment sounds like the right opportunity for you!

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