Something I am often asked about as a Nail Technician and a GelMoment distributor, are the risks of the UV-A exposure during gel manicures. So, let’s discuss the amount of exposure and whether or not there is a significant risk, or if your gel manicures cause cancer.

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Gel polish itself has not been associated with a risk of cancer. And with GelMoment, you can feel good about the polish also being 5+ Free, Non-Toxic, Gluten Free, Latex Free, etc. However, in order to dry or cure a gel polish product, you do need exposure to a UV-A light source. This UV-A light reacts with the photoinitiators in the polish to harden it, giving you that beautiful, hard yet flexible 2 week manicure you’ve grown to love.

A 2014 study in JAMA Dermatology indicated that the level of UV-A exposure associated with a gel manicure every two weeks probably isn’t high enough to increase the risk of skin cancer significantly. To quote, “even with numerous exposures, the risk for carcinogenesis remains small.”

However, studies have proven that UV-A ray exposure can cause cancer. “To be honest, there’s not a simple answer about the danger of the UV rays in gel nail lamps,” says Chris Adigun, MD. She’s a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at New York University School of Medicine. “But I wouldn’t spend time worrying about the UV exposure from these lamps,” she says. “The risk of malignant cancer due to nail lamp exposure is extremely low.”

So what can you do if you’re concerned about the light from your gel manicures causing age spots and skin damage? Protect your skin the same way you would if spending a day outdoors! Apply a quality sunscreen to your hands prior to your manicure. Be sure to cleanse the nail plate well during the manicure process to maintain the integrity of your polish. Alternative to sunscreen, you can snip the tips off a pair of cotton gloves and wear them during your manicure. There are also a large variety of UV Nail Gloves available online, that block UV rays but leave your fingertips open to the light.

Hopefully this article helps reassure you that the risk of cancer from your manicures is quite low – but the risk of having beautiful, long lasting manicures with GelMoment is almost certain!

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