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What is GelMoment?

So you keep seeing these random photos of polished fingernails in your news feed talking about GelMoment. A friend keeps raving about how much she LOVES this new GelMoment at-home gel polish system. But what IS GelMoment? 

First, GelMoment is a ONE STEP system.

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Why Cuticle Oil is Important

“My cuticles are SO dry!”

“I can’t take any more of these hangnails.”

“My nails feel so brittle! They just crack.”

“My nail polish always chips or lifts right away.”

If you’ve found yourself saying any of these things, you’re on the right blog post.… Read the rest

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Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Gel Polish

Over the last decade or so, DIY Gel Polish and nail systems have become an increasingly popular alternative to salon visits. The comfort and convenience of getting that manicure done at home for a fraction of the cost appeals to many women, and understandably so.… Read the rest

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GelMoment Troubleshooting Guide

GelMoment gel polish is a high quality product you can trust. However, as with any new product, there can be a learning curve when it comes to perfecting your application. That’s where this GelMoment Troubleshooting Guide will come in handy!

In my experience as a distributor, and as a certified Nail Technician, I have helped many women troubleshoot their application process to get the best experience with GelMoment gel polish.… Read the rest

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How to Remove GelMoment Gel Polish

You’ve been sporting that¬† GelMoment manicure for 2 weeks now, and you’re ready for something fresh and new! So how do you get this stuff off? Grab your box of GelMoment supplies,¬† and follow along below to learn how to remove GelMoment gel polish!… Read the rest

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How to Apply GelMoment Gel Polish

You just received your GelMoment kit, and you’re SO excited to try it out! You rip open the packaging, grab the polish and the lamp, and paint your nails. But a few hours later, your GelMoment polish that should last up to 14 days is peeling up!… Read the rest

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