You just received your GelMoment kit, and you’re SO excited to try it out! You rip open the packaging, grab the polish and the lamp, and paint your nails. But a few hours later, your GelMoment polish that should last up to 14 days is peeling up! What gives?

As with any product, there are specific Application Steps to follow to get the best results! Your kit came with an application card that defines those steps, but let’s review them in a little more detail, so you can perfect how to apply GelMoment Gel Polish.

How to Apply GelMoment gel polish

  1. Shape and file your nails using the File (white) side of the GelMoment File/Buffer combo. ¬†You can choose any shape you like! There’s round, square, squoval, oval, almond, coffin, stiletto, and about a hundred others! For tips on how to file your nails, see my post 6 Tips for Filing your Nails.
  2. Push back your eponychium (commonly referred to as cuticles) using the GelMoment cuticle pusher, and remove any cuticle (dead skin on the nail plate). This step ensures that there is no skin on the nail plate to interfere with the adhesion of your GelMoment polish, and pushing back the eponychium allows you to get the polish as far back on the nail plate as possible. This makes your manicure last longer, as the outgrowth will take longer to show! Click here to learn more about the difference between the cuticle and eponychium.
  3. Buff the nail surface with the Buffer (gray) side of the GelMoment File/Buffer combo. Be sure to get into the folds/corners of the nail plate. The goal of buffing is simply to remove any natural oils from the nail plate, which can interfere with adhesion. Do NOT over buff the nail. A light touch should do the trick. You don’t want to buff too much and thin/weaken the nail plate.
  4. Thoroughly cleanse the nail with a GelMoment cleansing wipe. Again, be sure to get down into the folds and don’t forget the free edge of the nail! Allow your nails to dry completely before moving to the next step.
  5. To prep the GelMoment polish for application, gently roll the bottle between your palms until it’s well mixed. Never shake the bottles, as shaking can introduce air bubbles in the polish.
  6. Apply a thin coat of polish to the nail plate. Start with your brush in the center of the nail plate, and gently push the polish back towards the eponychium. Then swipe out to one side and pull to the front of the nail plate. Repeat for the other side of the nail, and then swipe polish down the center. Finally, swipe across the free edge of the nail to ‘cap’ the edge.
  7. If you have some areas to clean polish off the skin around your nail, now is the time to do it! My advice is to take a cleansing wipe and wrap it around the more pointed end of the GelMoment cuticle pusher. Use this to clean up any mishaps prior to curing.
  8. Cure nails under the GelMoment LED Lamp. Depending on the lamp you have, this will be either 45 or 60 seconds and will cure either two or four fingers at a time.
  9. If you wish to add a second coat of polish, repeat steps 6-8. Otherwise, you’re DONE! How simple was that?

Things to note: ¬†GelMoment gel polish is light sensitive, and therefore cannot be left open and come into contact with the LED lamps or direct sunlight. When curing your polish, close the bottle and move away from the lamp. And don’t polish nails in direct sunlight. (Trust me from experience on that last one!)

To see it all in action, check out this video of GelMoment polish application!

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