So you keep seeing these random photos of polished fingernails in your news feed talking about GelMoment. A friend keeps raving about how much she LOVES this new GelMoment at-home gel polish system. But what IS GelMoment? 

First, GelMoment is a ONE STEP system.

That’s right, you read that correctly. NO BASE OR TOP COAT. Just buff, cleanse, polish, cure. DONE.  You’re ready to walk out the door, visit the bathroom, go to sleep (without waking up with sheet marks), do the dishes, corral the rambunctious toddler, whatever. Your nails are DRY. No tacky layer to wipe, just DONE!

GelMoment is 5+ Free and Non-Toxic

The next thing that sets GelMoment apart from your drugstore brand of at home Gel polish systems is that it’s 5+ Free. What does this mean? We are free of the top 5 most harmful ingredients found in traditional nail polishes! So you can feel better about having a salon-quality manicure, without those yucky ingredients!

GelMoment is also Non-Toxic, Lead Free, Gluten Free, Latex Free, Vegan Friendly, and Cruelty Free! So you can feel good about using our product knowing it wasn’t tested on animals OR created using animal by-products. Oh, and that Non-Toxic part? That means I don’t feel guilty putting it on my toddler when he begs me to paint his nails!

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Our polish is cured with an LED Lamp. There’s a 2-Finger lamp that cures in 60 seconds, or our 4-Finger Professional Lamp that cures in just 45 seconds! And the best part? The lamps are Guaranteed for LIFE! You’ll never have to worry about a bulb burning out again – it’s covered!

So if you’re running short on time to get the salon, looking for a more eco-friendly and safer alternative to salon gel polishes, and want to pamper yourself at home – GelMoment may be the answer for you!

GelMoment also offers an entire line of Nail Art products, Hair and Beauty products, nail care products, etc.

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