It’s Sunday morning. You wake up and make your way to the kitchen, get the coffee brewing, and head to the pantry to grab your favorite box of cereal. You pour it into the bowl and head to the fridge and grab the milk, only to find that it’s expired! Buzz kill, right?!

We are groomed to pay attention to expiration dates on our food, but how often do you think about the expiration dates on your cosmetics? When’s the last time you went through your makeup bag or bathroom cabinet and checked the dates? So let’s find out – does gel polish expire?

The European Commission defines a product’s expiration date by something called “Period of Time After Opening”. You can find this symbol on the packaging of the cosmetic. “The period of time after opening informs consumers of the authorized period of time a product may be used after opening without any harm to the consumer.” This became mandatory in March of 2005. The symbol pictured here is an example of what to look for.

These PAO Dates are a good rule of thumb to follow for makeup and lotion, but what about our GelMoment gel polishes? Do the same rules apply?

GelMoment gel polishes do have a PAO Date pictured on the bottle, and it shows the polishes are best used within 12 months after opening. The product isn’t harmful past that date, as bacteria and other microbes cannot survive in the bottle. However, there are some things to watch for to know when to replace that beloved bottle of your favorite GelMoment color.

The product starts to separate. 

If you open your bottle of polish and the brush looks like this, it means one of two things. Either your polish has been sitting for quite some time and needs to be mixed well, or it has been open too long and the product is beginning to separate.

If your bottle is over 12+ months since it has been opened, mix well by gently rolling between your palms for several minutes. If the polish then appears normal on the brush and applies smooth and evenly, go ahead and continue using.

If after several minutes of mixing the brush still appears separated and the polish does not apply smooth, it’s time to contact your distributor and get a replacement bottle ordered.

The product is discolored after curing. 

If your polish color doesn’t seem to be the same hue it was when you first purchased it, it’s likely time to replace it. In the photo pictured here, the bottle of polish used for the left side swatch was over 2 years old, and as you can see it has yellowed slightly over the brand new bottle swatch on the right. The photo is showcasing GelMoment Echoes of Paris. This may be more or less noticeable, depending on the color.

If your GelMoment polish has discolored and it’s over a year old, contact your distributor to order a replacement, or get a party scheduled to earn some new colors for free!

The texture or consistency has changed.

Another very simple way to tell if your polish needs to be replaced after the 12 month time frame is by the texture. If it is thick, gloopy, recedes or shrinks a lot as you are applying, or seems gritty/grainy – it is time for a new bottle!

Do you have a bottle or two that needs to be replaced in your collection? Discuss Hosting a Party with your GelMoment distributor today! Don’t have a distributor and need one? Message me!

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