Don’t have the time to get to the salon to have your manicure redone or removed? Or is your salon closed currently due to social distancing? Been there! But I assure you – RESIST the urge to peel or pick that nail polish off! Peeling and picking takes layers of your nail plate with it, which leaves them susceptible to peeling, breaking, and overall feeling thin and brittle.

The good news is, you can remove a gel manicure safely from the comfort of your home using GelMoment products! (And reapply, if you wish!) So gather your supplies, turn on your favorite Netflix show, and let’s do this!

What you’ll need: 

GelMoment Nail File/Buffer
GelMoment Gel Remover Packs
GelMoment Nail & Cuticle Oil
GelMoment Cuticle Pusher
GelMoment Remover Clips (optional)

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Step One: Buff the Shine Away 

Using your GelMoment Nail File/Buffer, gently buff the top layer of the polish to remove the shine with the soft, spongy buffer side of the file. Be careful not to go too deep into the polish color. You are wanting to remove the shine from the top coat to allow the acetone to penetrate the polish quicker and more evenly. 

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Step Two: Apply Oil 

Acetone can be very drying, so apply a nail/cuticle oil to the base of the nail and around the surrounding tissue. Rub in well. This will help prevent the acetone from drying out your skin while it soaks off your gel polish.

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Step Three: Apply Remover Packs

Tear the top off the GelMoment Remover Packet on the dotted line, and insert your finger with your nail under the moistened pad. Remove the adhesive film cover from the back of the Remover Packet, and then fold the remover packet around the nail, securing it to itself with the sticky strip. Wait 5-7 Minutes for the polish to soften.

*Optional – apply GelMoment Remover Clips to speed up the process.  

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Step 4: Gently Push off lifted polish

Working on one nail at a time (leave the others inside their packets), use your GelMoment cuticle pusher to gently push the softened and lifted gel polish off the nail plate. If areas are stubborn or not scraping easily, reapply the remover packet and wait another 3-4 minutes and scrape again. Take care NOT to gouge the nail plate. You should not have to apply a lot of pressure to remove the gel. If you are too heavy handed, you can cause damage to your nail plate. Continue the process of soaking and scraping until the nails are free of polish. 

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Step 5: Cleanse and Oil Again

Now that your nails are free of the gel polish, trim and shape them with the white side of the GelMoment Nail File. For more info on proper filing, read 6 Tips for Filing Your Nails. You can also give them a very light buff with the spongy gray side to remove any residue. Then wash your hands. Reapply nail/cuticle oil to hydrate, and finish up with your favorite nourishing hand lotion. 

From here, if you wish to keep your nails polish free, just keep up on a consistent regiment of oiling them (read more about why Oil is important here).

If you wish to keep up your salon quality nails from home, learn more about using a GelMoment gel polish kit to get them polished again by joining my VIP Community on Facebook.

Need a GelMoment Remover kit to remove that salon polish? Message me today and we can get you set up.

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Stay safe and take care of yourself! 

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