As a nail technician and GelMoment distributor, I am often asked by clients and customers alike how to repair damaged nails. So, let’s take a closer look at how damage occurs, and what to do to restore healthy nails.

The first step to repairing damaged nails is to identify why or how they were damaged to begin with. Did you head into the local salon for a set of acrylics or dip powder and the electric file was used improperly? Did you have an enhancement on that you were tempted to pick at and peel off? Are you biting your nails or picking at your skin surrounding the nail? All of these would have caused damage, but the answer for repair remains the same.

How to repair damaged nails

Keep your nails short. Clip them down to fingertip length with a good nail clipper and then file smooth. If your nails are damaged, they are likely thin and brittle. Keeping length on them while repairing them leaves them susceptible to being caught on things and tearing. If you’ve never had a nail tear down into the nail bed, trust me – you don’t want to! Keeping them short and filed smooth will prevent additional damage.

Use a high quality nail oil. The key to repair is to keep the nail plate well moisturized while the damage grows out. Apply nail oil to the base of the nail and surrounding tissue twice daily at a minimum (morning and night) and massage well at the base of the nail. This massage stimulates the matrix and will help promote new growth. Read more about the importance of oil here. GelMoment offers several oils in varying scents, you can review them all here.

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Use a Keratin treatment. A quality strengthening polish like GelMoment Fortify can be applied daily. Fortify is infused with Keratin Protein, Bio-Minerals, and Vitamin E. It will condition the nail while providing strength and protection from external stress and damage.

Apply to a clean, dry, unpolished nail plate. Allow to air dry for several minutes, and apply a second coat as needed.

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Protect your nails. “Your nails are Jewels, not tools.” I’ve said this phrase so many times, I swear it’s what will be etched on my headstone. The truth is, we use our nails to pick, pry, peel, and scratch at a number of things throughout the day. This extra stress can cause damage to your nails, and cause your polish to peel and chip. Use alternative methods, such as a spoon to open a soda can. Also wear gloves while washing dishes or gardening.

Rejuvenate from the inside out. Sometimes, the issue that lead to nail damage is more than skin deep. Stress can be a culprit, and so can vitamin deficiencies. Take a good multivitamin, drink plenty of water, and consider relaxing with a cup of tea. GelMoment’s Teas are all infused with natural biotin and blended in the USA with local and imported ingredients. Biotin is great for hair, skin, and nails.

Avoid old habits. Once you’ve rehabbed your nails, the most important thing you can do is to avoid the things that damaged them in the first place. Remove nail enhancements correctly, oil your nails often, eat a healthy diet packed with vitamins and protein, and make sure to spend enough time relaxing. Take care of yourself!

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