Brenda made me do it.

That’s right. Brenda made me do it.

I’ve always been the entrepreneur type. It started way back in Elementary school. I’d have lemonade stands with my siblings and the other neighborhood kids. We would mow lawns in the summer and shovel snow in the winter.… Read the rest

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GelMoment Compensation Plan

Naturally, when researching any new direct sales company to join, you want to know what the Compensation Plan is like, right? So let’s discuss.

What is the GelMoment Compensation Plan like?

I’ll break this down into how you can make money by sharing GelMoment. … Read the rest

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How to Remove GelMoment Gel Polish

You’ve been sporting that  GelMoment manicure for 2 weeks now, and you’re ready for something fresh and new! So how do you get this stuff off? Grab your box of GelMoment supplies,  and follow along below to learn how to remove GelMoment gel polish!… Read the rest

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6 Tips for Filing Your Nails

Did you know there’s an art to filing your nails correctly? I had no idea either until I went to school to be a nail technician. In order to avoid nail damage, and for the longest lasting manicure, follow these 6 tips for filing your nails!… Read the rest

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How to Apply GelMoment Gel Polish

You just received your GelMoment kit, and you’re SO excited to try it out! You rip open the packaging, grab the polish and the lamp, and paint your nails. But a few hours later, your GelMoment polish that should last up to 14 days is peeling up!… Read the rest

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GelMoment is 5+ Free – what does that mean?

What does 5+ free mean? We all see nail polish companies claiming to be 5-free, 7-free, 8-free, etc. They say they’re healthier and safer, but what does that mean to you as the consumer?

I’ll admit, up until I started having children, I never paid much mind to the ingredients in anything I used.… Read the rest

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